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Safer Mode Extensions (SMX) instructions set

Safer Mode Extensions (‬SMX‭) provides a programming interface for system software to establish a measured environment within the platform to support trust decisions by end users.‭ ‬SMX functionality is provided in an Intel ‬64‭ processor through the GETSEC instruction via leaf functions.

Tip: For detailed information about each instruction please read: Intel Architectures Software Developer’s Manual Volume 2: Instruction Set Reference, A-Z

GETSEC[CAPABILITIES]Returns the available leaf functions of the GETSEC instruction
GETSEC[ENTERACCS]Loads an authenticated code chipset module and enters authenticated code execution mode
GETSEC[EXITAC]Exits authenticated code execution mode
GETSEC[SENTER]Establishes a MLE which has its dynamic root of trust anchored to a chipset supporting Intel Trusted Execution Technology
GETSEC[PARAMETERS]Returns SMX related parameter information
GETSEC[SMCRTL]SMX mode control
GETSEC[WAKEUP]Wakes up sleeping logical processors inside an MLE
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