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Release 1.13 (stable)2016-07-08

ADT's functions may change container elements or manipulate with built in iterators. This can result to data inconsistency among different threads. To solve this possible issue, a programmer have to separate read and write operations to containers. Write operation can not be invoked in the same time with other write or read operations, and should get exclusive access to the container. Read operations can be processed simultaneously with each other, but not with write operation (because of possible dirty reads).

Access predicates solve these problems and support lock methods for exclusive writes and concurrent reads from different threads. Lock functions return TRUE state only when you get appropriate access to the container. They support wait and no wait behaviors. If wait flag is set, then lock functions wait until the lock is taken. In no wait mode they try to get lock for some short period of time (spinlock cycle). And if no success, then return FALSE. Your code may check the return status and do something else instead of just waiting.

Also in this release:

  • Was added prefetch code to MultiTree and UniqueTree, which improved binary search algorithms in these containers.
  • Added non linear filters to Filter library, which do Min, Max and Median filtering of integer and floating-point arrays.
  • MinMeap and MaxHeap were refactored to have correct cache friendly alignment of internal data.

Release 1.12 (stable)2016-04-16

To provide multithreaded highly concurrent read only access to elements of ADT containers were developed external iterators. They allow to walk through the elements in very fast and efficient way. You can not change data, using this iterator, but can do non blocking multithreaded access for reading, searching and counting elements. In opposite to forward and backward iterators the external iterator lost its actual position when you change ADT structure (insert, remove set or overwrite its elements). In such case you should each time to reassign external iterator before doing sequence of read only operations.

Minor changes:

  • Array library: Added functions GetBit, SetBit, ResetBit, InvertBit, FindSetBitFwd, FindResetBitFwd, FindSetBitBwd, FindResetBitBwd, CountBits
  • Complex library: Improved functions to operate with complex numbers
  • Matrix library: Added functions to operate with complex number matrices

Release 1.11 (stable)2015-09-13

New version of LinAsm library is completely ready after one year of testing and developing. Version 1.11 fixes few bugs were found after conversion library to shared object file and adds new modules/libraries to fast mathematical operations.

The bugs where fixed:

New libraries are added in this release:

  • Approximation - library for approximation of empirical data by well known math functions
  • Complex - fast core functions to operate with complex numbers
  • FHT - Fast Hartley transformation (analog of fast Fourier transformation)
  • Matrix - Typical matrix operations and solvers for linear systems
  • 2D vector - primitives to work with two dimensional vectors
  • 3D vector - primitives to work with three dimensional vectors

More detailed information about LinAsm changes see into ChangeLog file.

Release 1.10 (stable)2014-09-05

LinAsm library is converted into shared object file (*.so) instead of static lib file (*.a). Also was fixed compilation bag in MAP macro and added new functions into Math block.

Here is the list of changed were made:

  • Array library: Fixed compilation error in MAP macro.
  • Math library: Added functions Cancel, AbsError, RelError, SinH, CosH, TanH, ArcSinH, ArcCosH, ArcTanH.
  • Math library: Improved functions Exp2, Exp2m1, Exp10, Exp10m1, Exp, Expm1 and trigonometric functions.
  • Math library: Improved speed of Log functions.

Release 1.03 (stable)2014-08-03

This release adds new math functions which were not developed until now, such as inverse trigonometric and logarithmic functions. Also were rewrote exponentiation functions and trigonometric functions too.

The detailed list of new functions is here:

  • Math library: Were added functions: Sin, Cos, Tan, SinCos. All of them do range reductions for all available angle values supported by floating-point format.
  • Math library: Inverse trigonometric functions: ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan compute inverse sine, cosine and tangent values.
  • Math library: New logarithmic functions compute logarithm values to base 2, 10, e (natural logarithm base) and to custom base.
  • Math library: Functions ExpB and ExpBm1 can compute "base" raised to "exp" power, where "base" and "exp" are floating-point numbers. Base should be positive number or zero.
  • Array library: Were added functions Sign (replace value with its sign, using three-state comparison comparison), SumSqrDiff, SumAbsDiff.
  • Statistics library: Were released Fechner and Spearman correlation, fast and efficient for big data series.

Release 1.02 (stable)2014-05-02

New release extends abstract data type library with new class called "Vector", which provides the same functionality as STL vector class, but works faster. Also were redesigned "Array" library. Were added object array functions such as object searching, sorting, counting, extracting unique objects and so on. String library also was recreated to works with array of strings. Were added bidirectional search for symbol, symbols set, and substrings.

Minor changed in this release:

  • Added function IsInit in all ADT classes.
  • Improved data conversion functions in the Array library.
  • Added functions FindSequenceFwd and FindSequenceBwd in MultiTree and MultiHash abstract data types.
  • Added functions MinFwd, MinBwd, MaxFwd, MaxBwd in MultiTree, UniqueTree, MultiHash and UniqueHash ADTs.
  • Added functions FindSymbolFwd, FindSymbolBwd, FindSymbolsFwd, FindSymbolsBwd, FindSubStringFwd, FindSubStringBwd in the String library.
  • Added functions: InsertHead, InsertTail, ExtractHead, ExtractTail in Deque ADT.
  • Added functions Insert, Extract in Stack ADT.
  • Added index rearrangement call back function in Heap ADT, which allow to trace objects when heap swap elements to correct their order during Insert and Extract operations.

Release 1.01 (stable)2014-02-08

In this release were added new abstract data types:

  • MultiHash - Multiply keys hash table ADT
  • UniqueHash - Unique keys hash table ADT
  • List - Doubly linked list ADT
  • Ring - Circular doubly linked list ADT

Also were fixed found bugs in following abstract data types: MaxHeap.h, MinHeap.h, MultiTree.h, UniqueTree.h. Check the ChangeLog file for more information about changes in this release.

Release 1.00 (stable)2013-12-16

Finally stable release after ten month of debugging, optimization and writing new libraries. In this release I am glad to present you new modules, which significantly extend LinAsm applications. They implement abstract data types such as Stack, Deque, Min/Max heaps and very powerful tree structure - in-memory b-trees. Also were added new libraries: Object pool and Accumulating buffer to optimize memory management routines. For detailed descriptions of the new modules, fixed bugs and new features see documentation and ChangeLog file inside the release archive.

Here is brief description of new modules in the LinAsm project:

  • Accumulator - Accumulating buffer
  • Pool - Object pool
  • FPU - FPU control functions
  • SIMD - SIMD control functions
  • Stack - Stack data type
  • Deque - Double-ended queue data type
  • MaxHeap - Binary max heap data type
  • MinHeap - Binary min heap data type
  • MultiTree - Multiply keys b-tree data type
  • UniqueTree - Unique keys b-tree data type

Release 0.99 (beta)2013-02-04

It is time to global optimization. For this release I completely rewrote modules "Array", "Statistics" and "String". Plus I made some brief improvement in Math library. In previous version of LinAsm release the modules "Statistics" and "String" were working too slow. String library even was not optimized. Now all this is fixed and work much faster (here is the test of statistics library). Many of new functions were added to Array and String modules. Some functions have changed prototypes + few bugs were fixed. Details can be found in "ChangeLog" file inside the package archive.

Major changes in this version:

  • String library is completely rewrote with vector instructions. Now it is very fast.
  • Were added integer arithmetic functions to Array library.
  • Added robust statistics functions "LowerQuartile", "UpperQuartile" and "InterquartileRange" for integer types.
  • Improved rounding functions in Math library.
  • Array library has new functions to merge sorted arrays, collect unique values and compute count of duplicates.
  • String module now can manage array of strings. Were implemented searching and sorting operations. Added check for duplicate strings.
  • Changed prototypes for key sorting functions in Array library. Removed binary searching functions for complex keys.
  • Were fixed incorrect loop counter in Statistics library for functions "Variance", "StandardDeviation", and "AbsoluteDeviation".

Release 0.98 (beta)2012-10-25

After two months of hard working on a new release, I finally have finished a lot of functions (but not all of them) which have to be in final library. In this release I improved many functions from Math library, which were working too slow in previous version, and added much faster mathematical routines for engineering calculations.

Almost all of them use vector instructions and work 2 times faster then their analogs from GNU C library. A performance test will be added later in release 0.99, when Math library is complete.

Also in new release were:

  • added functions "Move", "Clone" and rounding routines in Array library.
  • added functions "Exp2", "Exp2m1", "Exp10", "Exp10m1", "Exp", "Expm1" for real argument and improved "Exp2", "Exp10", "Exp" for integral argument.
  • improved "Scale2", "Scale10" and "ScaleE" functions.
  • added trigonometric functions "SinQ", "CosQ", "TanQ", "CotQ", "SinCosQ", "Cath" and improved "Hypot" function.
  • added "GCD" and "LCM" functions.
  • added fast "RoundInt" and "Truncate" functions.
  • fixed error in Math library (see ChangeLog for details).
  • added string concatenation functions and "ReplaceSymbol" function in String library.

Release 0.97 (beta)2012-08-27

This release extends libraries usage for non C++ projects and provide C prototypes for all functions and data structures. The C functions have the same behavior and parameters, like original C++ functions, and work in the same ways like their originals. The assembly language code stays the same for both variants, and it is shared between them, just providing aliases for already implemented functions.

Also in release 0.97 were:

For more details about release changes see the ChangeLog file inside the LinAsm package v0.97. Libraries documentation is also updated to reflect the changes were made, and covers both C and C++ function prototypes.

Release 0.96 (beta)2012-08-23

As I promised before in my future plans for the project, I added Digital Signals Processing (DSP) functions to the library package. They implement FIR filters and window functions for future Spectral analysis module. Now LinAsm release has the two additional libraries:

  • Filter - Finite impulse response digital filters
  • Window - Window functions for digital signal processing

And from now the project has a beta version label. So it is almost done, and can be used in your software development projects.

P.S. By the way, I changed documentation for FPU and SIMD instructions. Made them more structured.

First release 0.95 (alpha)2012-08-15

At last, I have finished all preparation for the first release of LinAsm project. I made code checks and wrote good documentation (as I think) for libraries functions. But you should remember that this is first public release of the project. And it is early alpha version. So it may have some bugs and mistakes in the source code. If you find some, please send them to the bug tracker.

This release includes following libraries:

  • Angle - Angles conversion from different units
  • Array - Common routines that are useful for arrays
  • Math - Math routines
  • Numbers - Numbers conversion functions
  • Sequence - Subsequence searching algorithms
  • Statistics - Widely used statistical functions
  • String - Safe string functions
  • Time - Time functions
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