Linux Assemblycollection of fast libraries

System-wide system calls

This section covers system calls, which can not be assigned to any other sections. Such system calls usually provide system wide information about kernel and whole operation system. Also they can change typical behavior of Linux and extend its functionality by loadable modules.


Tip: For detailed information about each system call please read: Linux man pages

Loadable modules

CREATE_MODULE174Create a loadable module entry
INIT_MODULE175Load a kernel module
FINIT_MODULE313Load a kernel module
DELETE_MODULE176Unload a kernel module
QUERY_MODULE178Query the kernel for various bits pertaining to modules
GET_KERNEL_SYMS177Retrieve exported kernel and module symbols

Accounting and quota

ACCT163Switch process accounting on or off
QUOTACTL179Manipulate disk quotas

Filesystem (privileged)

PIVOT_ROOT155Change the root file system
SWAPON167Start swapping to file/device
SWAPOFF168Stop swapping to file/device
MOUNT165Mount file system
UMOUNT2166Unmount file system
NFSSERVCTL180Syscall interface to kernel nfs daemon

Filesystem (unprivileged)

USTAT136Get file system statistics
STATFS137Get file system statistics
FSTATFS138Get file system statistics
SYSFS139Get file system type information

Miscellaneous (privileged)

_SYSCTL156Read/write system parameters
SYSLOG103Read and/or clear kernel message ring buffer
IOPERM173Set port input/output permissions
IOPL172Change I/O privilege level
PERSONALITY135Set the process execution domain
VHANGUP153Virtually hangup the current terminal
REBOOT169Reboot or enable/disable Ctrl-Alt-Del
KEXEC_LOAD246Load a new kernel for later execution
KEXEC_FILE_LOAD320Load a new kernel for later execution
PERF_EVENT_OPEN298Set up performance monitoring

Miscellaneous (unprivileged)

UNAME63Get name and information about current kernel
SYSINFO99Returns information on overall system statistics
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